Vertiports available to all, for a new mode of transport & service.

AIRNOVA-VERTIPORT is a start-up that for over 4 years has been designing a range of innovative Vertiports for drones and AirTaxi (eVTOL) with a unique approach combining real estate and aeronautical expertise. As demand for air and freight transport continues to grow, we remain committed to developing cutting-edge regional networking solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency and sustainability, while offering environmentally-friendly and affordable alternatives.

Having filed a patent for a vertiport on the roof of an urban building (obtained in France in 2022, with the European extension of the patent in the pipeline), we are currently studying over twenty potential Vertiport sites in France, and are working with the DGAC on the development of an experimental corridor through a consortium of players in drone mobility and eVTOL.

To achieve our ambitious goals, we are currently seeking financing of around €3 million from investors who share our vision of the future of aeronautics. Business angels, investment funds and mobility industrialists, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards the UAM aviation revolution.
By investing in Airnova, you will play an active role in creating a more sustainable future for all, by reducing the carbon emissions produced by unscheduled freight and passenger transport.

To contact us: Laurent Mathiolon, Airnova founder.
05 56 11 18 50

The AIRNOVA© concept is to create a network of Vertiports in each region.
A Vertiport is a tall building in an urban environment, with a landing and take-off runway on the roof
for drones, air cabs, airships (with or without pilot).

We are currently studying around ten sites on anationalscale
, including 5 in the Gironde department.

Recent Works

 AIRNOVA© will also be available as a low vertiport, on the ground, in the cities near the city center and in the enclosed areas.

The passenger route

The package route

Recharging solutions

Supervision system

The French Vertiport

To become the leading infrastructure operator
in France through regional development
concentrically and to become a leading European player
following the same model.