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The AIRNOVA-VERTIPORT Takeoff and Landing Area Warning Sign is a new sign that will be used to inform people near our drone and eVTOL Vertiports. It will inform of the potential dangers associated with this area, making it important to follow the safety instructions. These signs will be used in our Verticalports, VertiStations, VertiHubs and they will be installed in different places around the takeoff and landing area, like at the entrances, at the security checkpoints...

AIRNOVA© imagines a logistic and air freight delivery service on its Vertiports, allowing to welcome Cargo Drones that can carry a load up to 500kg. Thus decongesting part of the deliveries by truck and facilitating its distribution, like an intermodal hub of the last mile.

Our simulations focus on the transport of people, the transport of parcels from distribution centers and the transport of sensitive medical products to our Vertiports. These other services provided by the AIRNOVA© Vertiport and its connected lockers are currently being studied with our partners.
The AIRNOVA© Vertiport could help transform mobility in our cities and facilitate airport accessibility in the coming years!

We are currently working on a supervision and automation system for our Airnova Vertiports. This system will be equipped with cameras and LiDAR to better understand the reception and the path of each passenger and to ensure optimum safety for the landing and takeoff of drones or eVTOL on the Vertiport. This system will also manage the opening of the doors after validation of the ticket and the identity of the passenger by allowing him to access the boarding area. Each step will be validated remotely by a supervisor who will control its proper execution.

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