AirNova plans the French vertiport network

eVTOLs are not yet allowed to fly in French airspace, but the vertiport market is already booming. Airnova, a Bordeaux-based company, is proposing to create a network of these platforms throughout France, starting in the southwest. For the past four years, Laurent Mathiolon, a real estate developer from Bordeaux, has been working on a concept of buildings equipped with vertiports with charging stations for drones and eVTOL. After filing a patent for his concept with Inpi (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle) in April 2020, formally accepted two years later, he created the company Airnova on September 26 to make it a reality. He is now launching a first fundraising. AirNova, Civil, eVTOL, France, News, Vertiport Read more at : AirNova plans the French vertiport network -

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