About us

The AIRNOVA© concept is a high building, in an urban environment, whose roof becomes a landing and take-off runway for drones, air cabs, airships (with or without pilot). Linking the sky and the city, this building is a ground base for air transport infrastructures which is part of the existing transport intermodality, near other terrestrial links (Tram and Bus stations, SNCF station, platforms).
Thus, these links will be able to connect the land transport networks and the river network.

TheAIRNOVA© team has been working for more than 3 years on the Vertiport project on a building,
or a low structure on the ground for uses such as .

  • Transport of people
  • Medical transport - products and ambulances
  • Parcel transport
  • Fire rescue

In 2022, AIRNOVA© officially obtains the patent for its Vertiport for the French territory (under analysis for several European countries).

AIRNOVA©, SAS with a capital of 50.000€.
Siret : 919 928 689 - Address : 51 quai Lawton, 33300 Bordeaux

Decarbonizing the economy, with a new mode of transportation that promotes
mobility and intermodality with French Touch.

Become the leading player
in France, then in local partnerships
in several European countries

Develop the territories with local and regional elected officials.

Let's create something together.